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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an official website?


Who’s behind is run by a group of volunteers, scattered all over the globe.

Is the data displayed 100% accurate?

We try our best to keep the information on this site accurate. If you see a gap, feel free to reach out to us.

How are you getting this data?

Information on this site is sourced from Kerala Govt’s Department of Health Services’ Daily Bulletins, and media reports.

Is everything you store and display from public domain?


I see private information around someone dear to me. How do I get it removed?

That must have been a fauxpas. Please let us know. We will get it removed. Apologies.

Is there a way for you to share this data with us?

We don’t have an API in place as of now. We can look at collaborating if need be.

The info on this site is slightly off from what’s on other non-govt sites. How could that happen?

We source our data from Govt. of Kerala’s official and public sources. Other sites may be relying on breaking news, that may not be official yet.

Do you make money out of this? Who’s paying your server charges?

No. These efforts are probono. We pay from our own pockets.

But, why?

During this pandemic, this is the least we can do within the confines of our walls to make the world a better and safer place. Stay home, stay safe.